Uncommon values.
Unflinching professionalism.
Uncompromising excellence.

Ethridge Law Group is a boutique litigation firm dedicated to excellence. At Ethridge Law Group we understand that every client is different – each with their own needs and preferences.  We invest the time necessary to understand those preferences and craft solutions to meet those needs.

Adopting new models for the delivery of legal services, Ethridge Law Group embraces a vision where professional achievement is measured in terms of results obtained, not hours billed. We are driven, not by the growth of our firm, but by the success of our clients. This service-based approach, rooted in client satisfaction and dedicated to excellence, might be reminiscent of earlier times, but our strategies and tactics are fully contemporary.

When confronted with litigation, we know that our clients want answers, not equivocation…movement toward resolution, not explanations for passivity. The lawyers at our firm are capable of providing forceful and aggressive advocacy when necessary. However, we do not employ scorched earth tactics. We believe that wise counsel requires actions marked by prudence and guided, always, by our client’s needs.

We pride ourselves on high partner engagement and imaginative and efficient solutions to complex and contentious problems.