Ethridge Law Group is a relationship-focused team of legal professionals handling commercial claims and complex litigation for businesses and insurance companies throughout the Southeast.

People first.​

Mike Ethridge founded Ethridge Law Group in 2017 with a goal of building a firm that prioritizes people over profit. The people-first culture at Ethridge Law Group leads to a results-driven team of lawyers who are energized to show up and give clients their best every day.

Mike Ethridge

legal counsel

Serving Businesses and Insurance Companies in South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina


We provide litigation, risk management and claims evaluation support to legal departments and in-house counsel to corporations.

Local businesses

We offer a variety of legal services for local businesses. These services include assisting businesses in the handling of employment issues, risk management, contract review, insurance, claims resolution and litigation.

insurance companies

Our broad range of litigation experience allows us to provide representation to insurance companies and their insureds in litigated matters as well assistance in dispute resolution and risk management.

Service goes beyond the office.

Being a lawyer is a privilege. And at Ethridge Law Group, giving back is more than an aspiration. It’s a core value of who we are as a firm.

Uncommon values. Unflinching professionalism. Uncompromising excellence.

We hold our team and our work to the highest standards — reflected in our attention to detail, responsiveness, and commitment to going above and beyond to deliver the results your business needs.